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4612 Jefferson Highway, Jefferson, LA 12121

4612 Jefferson Highway
Jefferson, LA 12121
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Whether you have an aching pain in your gums or simply need to get a regular checkup, book an appointment with Dr. Teresita now. Fill out the form below, and we’ll schedule you in.

If you prefer to text Dr. TERESITA to schedule, confirm or cancel your dental appointment, please feel free to text her securely and directly at 504-939-9801.


Teresita V. Hernandez, DDS
4612 Jefferson Highway
Jefferson, LA 35811
Phone: 504-733-9800
Fax: 504-733-9805

A New Dental Experience

Once you enter the building, which is a renovated house, you will immediately feel at home. It has a homey and laid-back ambience. Our staff is very friendly, consisting of 2 Dental Hygienists. We boast very rigid dental sterilization techniques and ensure utmost cleanliness of our 5 patient-treatment rooms.

We aim to provide the best comprehensive dental care for our patients. Our goal is to treat all of our patients, as we would like to be treated. We cherish our patient relationships and greatly appreciate referrals. We do have office policies regarding insurance and cancellations, which we make patients aware of from the beginning.

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    Cancelation policy

    For established patients, we request cancelation of scheduled appointments within 2 business days. Notice must be given on either Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. If this is not honored a cancelation fee of $40will apply.* We take pride in one-on-one patient appointment and will NEVER schedule multiple patients for the same time period.

    *Cancelation policy will apply for late cancelations or missed appointments. If an emergency arises, we may waive this fee at our discretion.

    Insurance Verification Process

    We accept out-of-network dental insurance ONLY. We do NOT accept Medicaid. We must verify dental insurance coverage prior to appointment. To verify insurance coverage, we will need the member ID and birthdate of the insured patient.

    Please fax written birthdate and insurance card (front and back) to 504-733-9805. Patient may also take a photo and text directly, and securely, to the doctor at 504-939-9801.


    “Terry has been my dentist for over 10 years. She is methodical and exacting. And she has taken excellent care of my teeth. Her practice accepts insurance and most of the staff is Spanish speaking.” – Jen L.